Other resources

Resources for research faculty

Photo and video guidelines

Please help us develop excellent promotional communications by following these guidelines.

Data management

NIH, NSF, USDA, and other data management requirement details.

Graduate student guidance

Learn about payment/disembersement options and tax reporting for graduate research assistants, graduate assistants and graduate fellows.

Facility Security Office

The Facility Security Office provides assistance in meeting security requirements associated with contracts, projects or programs supported by K-State.

Research Administrators Council

All K-State professionals working in research administration at the department, college, or central administration levels in preaward or postaward capacities are invited to join the Research Administrators Council.

Postdoctoral Association

The K-State Postdoctoral Association supports the more than 120 recent PhDs engaged in research at K-State.

Working with industry

The K-State Working With Industry team has developed a series of workshops to help faculty develop and enhance research relationships with corporate partners.

IP and inventions

Learn about developing and protecting discoveries and inventions to return the greatest advantage to the creators, K-State and the general public.

Faculty fellows

The Kansas State University Academy of Fellows was founded in 2013 to honor faculty members who are elected by their colleagues as Fellows in their discipline-based professional societies.