Understand the commercialization process

Our goal is to promote, encourage, and aid scientific investigation, research, and technology transfer at K-State. We strive to assist K-State's faculty, staff, and students in developing and protecting their discoveries and inventions to return the greatest advantage to the creators, K-State, and the general public.

Contact Innovation Partners as early as possible in the discovery process to ensure proper protection of your intellectual property and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the options available in commercializing your research.

Each invention goes through a five-step technology commercialization process.

Report an invention Report an invention

Properly protect your invention by submitting ideas through the disclosure form to the K-State Innovation Partners.

Assessment icon Assessment

Innovation Partners will evaluate your invention to explore patentability and marketability and to develop an IP protection strategy.

Protection Protection

Innovation Partners protects invention disclosures with commercial potential according to the type of intellectual property.

Marketing Marketing

Innovation Partners establishes a marketing strategy.

Commercialization Commercialization

When a company expresses an interest in licensing a K-State technology, our team negotiates licensing terms.