Research photo and video guidelines

When we take photos and video in labs, shops, or other research environments, we are showing the outside world how we conduct our work. Adhering to all safety policies and best practices is crucial as we represent Kansas State University’s research enterprise. Please help us develop excellent promotional communications by following these guidelines.

Guidelines for researchers

  1. Read the Laboratory Safety section of the Kansas State University Policies and Procedures Manual and follow the rules. See Section 3700, Public Safety. Laboratory Safety is chapter 3730.
  2. Wear all appropriate personal protective equipment. Remember that we are representing our work to the outside world, including parents of students who work in research facilities. ALL personnel must wear eye protection, and visitors should be provided safety glasses. Even if you are not working with “real” substances during a photo or video session, wear appropriate equipment, including gloves and lab coats and any other necessary items.Wear appropriate equipment if you are in a shop or food preparation environment working with or around heavy equipment, large mixers, vehicles, and the like. Follow all rules to the letter. When in doubt, wear the gloves/lab coat/eye protection/hair net, etc.
  3. Prepare for photos or video by cleaning your lab or research facility. Remember that food or beverage containers should never be in the lab. Remove trash, excess equipment, and so on. Ensure that materials and labels look professional: Surfaces should be clean, labels should be printed rather than hand-written, etc.
  4. Make sure all necessary safety signs and equipment are visible, well maintained, and up-to-date.
  5. If the person taking the photo or video suggests that you wear safety glasses, lab coats, gloves, etc., please comply. If you don’t, we may not be able to promote your research in magazines or websites effectively, or we may waste your and the photographer/videographer’s valuable time.
  6. Choose your clothing carefully. Wear solid colors (purple is always a good choice!) — avoid plaid, stripes, etc., because these don’t look good on camera. Wear long pants or skirts and closed-toed shoes. Avoid ball caps.

Use this pdf handout to communicate requirements to those who will appear in research photos or videos.