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Office of the Vice President for Research
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Manage Awards

A formal award review, negotiation, and acceptance process must be completed when faculty receive awards. Please call your departmental, college, or PreAward Services research administration representative when you are notified that you will be receiving an award or if the sponsor sends an award directly to you. After the award is accepted, the resources below will help you manage administrative requirements. 

Research Compliance

Obtain necessary training and approvals for responsible conduct of research and export controls plus research involving vertebrate animals, human subjects, and biosafety issues.

Sponsored Programs Accounting

The Sponsored Programs Accounting Office provides fiscal administration services for grants and contracts funded from external sources for the purpose of research and other creative and scholarly activities. This site contains answers to common questions about topics including project periods, unallowable costs, property management, and financial reporting.

Modify an agreement or award

Things don't always go as planned — these resources can help.

Graduate student issues

Identify the differences between student employees and fellowship recipients and understand the practices for interacting with both groups.