Contract agreement templates

Memorandum of Agreement (.doc)

A written agreement for public service, outreach, and research and development activities performed by K-State faculty, staff and students.

Agreement Modification (.docx)

Use this form to modify the terms of an existing agreement (budget revisions, time extensions, etc.). The form can be modified to follow the structure of the original agreement.

Testing and Evaluation Services Agreement (.doc)

A written agreement for the performance of technical testing and evaluation services performed by K-State faculty and staff on a sponsor’s existing intellectual property.

Master Agreement for Research and Testing/Evaluation Projects (.docx)

For strategic university collaborators, this Master Agreement template option provides for the negotiation of standard contract terms for research and testing/evaluation projects in order to help expedite the execution of simple task orders when it is anticipated that future or ongoing engagements will occur with a sponsor.

Confidentiality Agreement (.docx)

A written agreement that governs the time frame in which confidential information disclosed between K-State and a potential research sponsor can be restricted, so as not to be shared with any third party.

Material Transfer Agreement — outgoing material (.docx)

A written agreement for the exchange of research materials. K-State’s standard MTA is for the transfer of K-State-owned material to non-profit, research institutions. If the other party is a signatory to the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA), generally, the UBMTA may be used instead of the K-State MTA template to help speed up the negotiation process.

Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement for Students (PDF)
Public Policy Mandates (PDF)

A discussion of intellectual property and works-for-hire contract language.

Lisa Duer


Lisa Duer
Associate director, contract negotiations