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Modify an Agreement or Award

Things don't always go as planned — these resources can help.

Don't see what you need listed below? Call your unit's PreAward Services expert

Please note that all of these processes and forms are handled in Cayuse SP.  call 785-532-6804. Copies of forms are provided for reference only.

Overdraft Request: This form is used to establish spending accounts within FIS prior to the receipt and K-State acceptance of definitive award notices. 
Request for Expanded Authority Authorization: This form establishes pre-spending authorizations prior to official start dates listed in award notices. This applies ONLY to federally funded programs, and certain restrictions apply. Expanded authority is also used to request no-cost time extensions, budget revisions, and to solicit approval of carryover funds for federally funded programs.
Documentation of Proposed Third-Party Contributions: This form can be used to document or obtain commitments for proposed contributions by third parties. PDF  
Establish a Sponsored Project Account with funds transferred from the KSU Foundation PDF