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Broader Impacts

Rather than "re-inventing the wheel" each time broader impacts are required for a proposal, just tap into these already-existing K-State programs. They have recruitment, retention, and outreach networks in place so you do not have to build them. This approach will allow you to use your budget more efficiently, and you will win points with your granting agency for leveraging existing resources. Including these programs in your budget helps these already proven programs become more self-sustaining and diversify their client and subject matter base.

Watch an information session (video) on using existing campus programs to help meet the broader impact requirements. 


K-State resources to help you when a funding announcement requires that you disseminate your research results to the public.


K-State resources to help when a funding announcement requires that an educational program be developed and/or that research be integrated with educational activities at the K-12, undergraduate, and/or graduate levels.

Diversity and Recruitment

K-State resources to help you when a funding announcement requires that your project help increase the participation of underrespresented groups in your discipline and/or that you collaborate with a minority institutions.

Broader Impacts Guidance

Examples and guidance for defining broader impacts.