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Human Capital Services

Administrative Furlough Plans - FY21

College of Arts and Sciences

It is our College's plan to implement an administrative furlough in FY21. The furlough will be the final piece in the college to reach our budgetary target.

Cost Savings Target for the Administrative Furlough Plan

The furlough is estimated to achieve temporary savings of $1.5 M for the college.

Impact to Mission and/or Operations

Any furlough on our college faculty and staff has the potential to affect our teaching, research, and service missions. We are planning to reduce the impact in the following ways:

  • We are excluding faculty/staff with salaries less than $50,000 from furloughing. This group predominantly includes lone departmental office assistants, instructors with heavy teaching loads, and student advisors. This will reduce the adverse impact on our students.
  • We are also recommending faculty/staff to take their furlough days when there is less activities on campus (such as in between semesters and spring break etc.).
  • In addition, we are also excluding employees on a full academic year sabbatical leave. Employees on one-semester sabbatical leave would follow the usual furlough guideline.
Utilization of Salary Tiers

We have setup the tiers in a way to offset impacts to the college.

SALARY TIERSTotal # of DAYSTotal #
of FTE
  12 Mo EEs9 Mo EEs
200,000+ 26200
Total FTE:  413.51
Effective Dates

Proposed Administrative Furlough Begin Date August 9, 2020
Proposed Administrative Furlough End Date May 31, 2021

Furlough Deployment

We would encourage our employees to utilize times that cause the least disruption to the college. These times would be semester Break (December 14 -January 15) and Spring Break (March 15-19) but are not limited to. To the extent possible and with supervisory approval, employees will be allowed to choose the timing of furlough days, we strongly encourage week increments. It is the plan to have all of the furlough's completed by May 31, 2021.

Employees Exempted from Administrative Furlough

Employees under the following classifications will not be furloughed:

  • employees on H1-B and E-3 visa status
  • non-benefit eligible temporary employees,
  • graduate students,
  • student employees,
  • employees on full year sabbatical leave
  • Positions that have an annual salary under $49,999.99 are exempted from furlough. Our business rationale for excluding some employees from the plan is one of business necessity. A furlough on these employees would affect our teaching and service missions and negatively affect our students.