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Turfgrass Information

Native and Adapted Ornamental Grasses for the Midwest

These grasses have naturally adapted to the climate and environment of the Midwest, and should thrive with little input or maintainance.

Genus speciesCultivarCommon NameMap #HeightZone
Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem15-8 ftZone 3
Bouteloua curtipendula Sideoats grama33 ftZone 4
Buchloe dactyloides Buffalo Grass50.5 ftZone 4
Carex radiata Eastern Star Sedge771-2 fthardy
Chasmanthium latifoliumNorthern Sea Oats782-4 ftZone 4-9
Elymus virginicus Virginia wild rye812-3 ftZone 3-8
Eragrostis elliotiiWind DancerLovegrass182-3 ftZone 6
Eragrostis elliotii Blue Lovegrass191.5 ftZone 5-9
Eragrostis trichodes Sand Lovegrasss822-4 ftZone 5
Festuca obtusa Wild nodding fescue841 fthardy
Festuca paradoxa Clustered Fescue222-4 fthardy
Juncus brachycarpus Whiteroot Rush863 fthardy
Hystrix patula Bottlebrush Grass242-5 ftZone 3
Lycurus setosus Wolftail932 ftZone 5
Oryzopsis hymenoidesNezparIndian Ricegrass 941.5 ftZone 5-10
Panicum virgatumCloud Nine    
Panicum virgatum Switch Grass474-8 ftZone 4
Panicum virgatumDallas BluesBlue Switch Grass486 ftZone 4
Panicum virgatum Prairie SkyBlue Switch Grass495 ftZone 5
Panicum virgatumShenandoahRed Switch Grass504 ftZone 5
Schizachyrium scopariumLittle Bluestem603 ftZone 3
Schizachyrium scoparium The BluesBlue Little Bluestem613 ftZone 3 
Sorghastrum nutans Indiangrass645-8 ftZone 3
Sorghastrum nutansCheyenneYellow Indiangrass 993-5 ftZone 4-5
Spartina pectinata Prairie Cordgrass1004-10 ftZone 4-5
Sporobolus airoides Alkali sacaton1012-5 ftZone 4-9
Sporobolus aspera Rough Dropseed653 ftZone 5
Sporobolus heterolepsisPrairie Dropseed661-3 ftZone 3
Tripsacum dactyloides Eastern Gamma Grass688 ftZone 5