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Turfgrass Information

Resources for Commercial Turfgrass Managers

Publications for Commercial Turfgrass Managers: Professional Series

Turfgrass Weed Control for ProfessionalsMF3347
Turfgrass IdentificationMF2031
Turfgrass MowingMF2129
Turfgrass Selection MF2032
Bermudagrass Football FieldsMF2451
Managing Tall Fescue Football FieldsMF803
Guide to Turfgrass Nutrient Recommendations: Based on K-State Soil Test ResultsMF2311
A Diagnostic Guide for Troubleshooting Kansas Lawn Problems 
Lawn Problem Solver Website created by the NCERA-221 
Publications on other turfgrass topics are available in the Homeowner section


Commercial Pesticide Applicator Information

The Kansas Pesticide Law requires people to obtain licenses to be Commercial Pesticide Applicators. Visit the Kansas Department of Agriculture site for more information.

Initial certification must be accomplished by taking an exam. For the current Commercial Certification Examination Schedule and to renew your Pesticide Applicator Certification, the applicator can either attend training, or retest, or reciprocate from MO, NE, OK, TX and IN, in selected categories if you are a resident of that state. Programs are available for recertification credit hours.