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Turfgrass Information


April, 2022

Asst. GC Supt. - Swope Park Memorial GC (Kansas City)

GC Superintendent - Sabetha GC (Sabetha, KS)

GC Superintendent - Scott Community GC (Scott City, KS)

Asst. GC Supt. - Tex Consolver (City of Wichita, KS)

2nd Assistant - Blue Hills CC (Kansas City, MO)

March, 2022

Scotts Co.  

     Specialist on ProVista R&D (Biotech) team:

     Scientist on Lawns team:
     Scientist on Provista R&D team:

February, 2022

Second Assistant - St. Joseph CC (MO)

The Country Club, Pepper Pike, OH

Groundskeeper, Minnesota Twins

GC Supt. - Salina GreatLife (KS)

January 2022

Jr. Asst. Supt. - North Shore CC (Glenview, IL)


Graduate Student Opportunities 

Graduate Research Assistantship - Turfgrass  Science - Olathe, KS

Graduate Research  Assistantship - Kansas State University

Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistantship

Turfgrass Science, Kansas State University


Cliff Dipman Internship Award

Heart of America GCSA Scholarship

The North Texas GCSA Turfgrass Scholarship 

SAFE Scholarship and Grant