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Office of the Vice President for Research
102 Anderson Hall
Manhattan KS, 66506


Center for Engagement and Community Development (CECD)

K-State's Center for Engagement and Community Development works to facilitate and energize collaboration among university faculty and academic units to address significant issues facing Kansans and communities worldwide. CECD works to connect K-State scholars and professionals with non-profits and community leaders who represent issues of economic development, energy, public health, arts and humanities, and civic engagement.


Specific CECD activities that enhance research proposals include:

  • CECD's ability to identify and build collaborations among disciplinary faculty and research centers working on content-specific issues

  • CECD's ability to put K-State research teams in contact with a variety of community leaders including those involved with economic development, energy policy, public health, arts, humanities, and civic engagement

  • CECD's ability to connect K-State researchers with the K-State Research and Extension professionals who are present in every county in Kansas. These professionals have intimate knowledge of Kansas and groups relevant to specific areas of K-State research.

  • CECD's ability to mobilize community leadership and groups around salient social, political, and cultural issues.

  • CECD's expertise regarding the building of rural community networks.

The Center for Engagement and Community Development is a portal to K-State collaborations and to community leaders, groups, and agencies and can facilitate these associations.


Contact David Procter, Director of the Center for Engagement and Community Development at 785-532-6868 or cecd@k-state.edu.