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Innovation Partners
2005 Research Park Circle
Manhattan, KS 66503



Collaborative for Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement in STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics], created with Targeted Excellence funding, supports K-State outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts in STEM disciplines by linking science and engineering-based K-12 outreach and undergraduate research/engagement programs. Its goals are to synergistically enhance all of its constituent programs, facilitate recruiting and tracking of students, recruit students to K-State undergraduate and graduate programs, and to institutionalize and facilitate "broader impact" activities for K-State faculty members preparing grant proposals. Specific services CORES offers to PIs writing research or education/outreach proposals include:

  • Assistance in identifying an appropriate education or outreach program to coordinate with a research activity;
  • Assistance with advertising and recruiting students for education/outreach activities through CORES partner programs, the CORES website and database, and linkages with minority serving institutions;
  • Tracking data on education/outreach program participants through the CORES database;
  • Assistance with assessment of the education/outreach activity through sharing of assessment instrument templates;
  • Letters of support for inclusion in grant proposals stating the services provided by CORES (a demonstration of institutional support)

To learn more about how CORES can assist with your proposal preparation, contact Beth Montelone, CORES project director, at bethmont@k-state.edu or visit the CORES website.