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Office of the Vice President for Research
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Manhattan KS, 66506


Understanding economic development

Not only do our local communities benefit from the job creation and generation of new tax dollars, but our university also benefits through multi-dimensional partnerships, including:

  • Increased industry-sponsored research funding and better collaboration opportunities due to close physical proximity;

  • Increased competitiveness for Federal and State research funding because of existing partnerships and evidence of broader impacts;

  • Enhanced relevance of research through closer interaction with industry or governmental partners;

  • Opportunities for equipment donations and lab improvements; and 

  • New opportunities for students to have local internships, part-time jobs, applied classroom projects, and career opportunities post-graduation.

K-State and our host communities facilitate these partnerships exceptionally well and have been recognized by multiple national and international organizations for our commitment to and success in leveraging the university for economic prosperity. The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization, or KSU-IC, assists faculty and staff with the development of economically based corporate partnerships and can provide the following support:

  • Coordination and hosting of potential partner site visits; 

  • Industry project and relationship management; 

  • Facilitated access to K-State and regional talent, innovation, and training capabilities;

  • Community tours and information;

  • Site selection and location identification;

  • Assistance with state/local incentive processes; and

  • Development of partnership and economic development proposals.

Are you working with a company or organization that could benefit from a stronger relationship with K-State and should consider a physical presence near the university? Reach out to us today at 785-532-3900 to take your relationships to the next level through economic development. 

— Rebecca Robinson, director of economic development and internal program development; call 785-532-3955 or email spexarth@ksu.edu