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Seek is Kansas State University's flagship research magazine, highlighting the research, scholarly and creative activities, and discoveries of Kansas State University. Seek is a showcase for K-State 2025 — our strategic plan to be recognized nationally as a Top 50 public research university by 2025. The magazine offers a glimpse into our world of discovery, shares successes within the many facets of our university, and explores how some of the leading minds in research and scholarship are working to improve lives in Kansas and around the world.

Current Issue

Spring 2018 Seek Magazine
Experimenting image
Experimenting for success

The benefits of undergraduate research at Kansas State University

Fighting falicies image
Fighting fallacies

Researchers battle false factoids that surround people every day

Bugs image
Bugs with benefits

Why we should appreciate the creepier, crawlier life forms of Earth

Research that moves image
Research that moves

How the kinesiology department is making our everyday lives better

Aquifer image
When the well runs dry

Agriculture is racing for solutions to the declining Ogallala Aquifer