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Graduate Waiver Form Tips & Resources

Faculty and Staff with access to the GRA/GA/GTA waiver submission forms (via Decisions) have the ability to see where they are in the approval process through the GA Waiver Tracker.
We encourage you to check thes tatus of the waiver prior to emailing the Office ofthe Registrar (registrar@ksu.edu) as it can causes a longer response time, due to receiving multiple email inquiries. 
Below is a screen shot of what you will see in the tracker (this is a past semester in our Test instance that shows three of the four statuses):
Screenshot of Graduate Waiver Status Page
Not submitted=a waiver was created, but wasn't submitted (checked the enrollment verification box and hit "submit"). In most cases, the user just hit "save & exit" by mistake! Users will need to open the waiver back up and complete the steps to submit the form. Please do not try to recreate a new waiver, or a "duplicate waiver" error will show up.
KSU GA ADMIN=this indicates that a waiver is sitting in the processing queue at the Office of the Registrar. These usually have a 3-5 day window where they are in this status, but please be aware that times there are higher volumes (like right now) could extend this processing time.
Processed=This means that the waiver was processed, and should be reflecting the following day in KSIS. If for some reason it is not, please email registrar@ksu.edu for troubleshooting.
KSU FO 20 (not pictured)=this status will ONLY show up if there are GTA tenths listed in the waiver. This means it's sitting with the approver at the dean's office/department, and has not reached the processing queue at the Office of the Registrar.