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Office of the Registrar

Exceptions to Courses/Sections

Exceptions for Standard Class Meeting Time Scheduling at the Course/Section level:

Specialized programs such as institutes, non-university credit training sessions, workshops, conference courses, and grant related courses. 

Graduate classes, (course numbers 700 and above) that do not need access to academic classroom space, i.e., practicums, dissertations, research, and guided/independent study.

    1. Graduate classes (course numbers 700 level and above) do not typically have a day, time, location, and campus academic or departmental space assigned.
    2. If a course/section is not assigning an academic space based on affiliation as a practicum, dissertation, etc... items such as day, time, location after early enrollment has started for the semester. OR If a course is not affiliated with an assigned academic space or meeting time after the start of the semester, it may not be changed and must abide by the modality and time selected as of start of enrollment

Specialty programs and or courses involving clinical rotations, flight operations, etc., which include but are not limited to the Physician Assistant program, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program, etc.

    1. All specialty programs still require CAPP review and approval for a standing exception which will come open for re-approval every 5 years.

Once Enrollment Begins for a Semester - Rules for Making ANY Changes:

Once early enrollment begins for ANY semester (once enrollment has begun, regardless of any enrollment in the course) changes to items such as

  • instructional mode,
  • course modalities,
  • the day(s) or time(s) the course is being taught

cannot be changed without administrative approvals. Approval must come from the Executive Vice President and Provost via a formal request from the Academic Department Head to the College Dean or Dean’s Designee, who will send the email request to the Provost with a CC: to the University Registrar for review and consideration. 

    1. The request must address the need for the requested change.
    2. How many students are affected by this change and how the students will be notified or supported by this change.
    3. If the change is temporary in nature or will be permanent for the term.
    4. Any additional information that may be relevant to the request.

Any time periods associated with a course in which a student is not required to participate in order to earn academic credit, such as help sessions, will not be listed in the official “Course Schedule.”

These sessions are typically scheduled through the Facilities Room Reservation Office but are also subject to additional reviews between facilities and the Office of the Registrar if the request appears to be affiliated with any required elements of the course. Care should be exercised to prevent conflicts with course sections required for credit and course examinations/tests