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Viewing Prior Enrollment in CANVAS

If a student has dropped or withdrawn from your course and you need to see gradebook information or engagement with the course you can access that student via the Prior Enrollments option in CANVAS.  This is for those with Administrative Access Only in CANVAS.  For Faculty/Instructor access refer to the View Last Date of Attendance/Engagement with a class instructions.

1. Open up the course/section in CANVAS

You can search by term and Course Subject/Number

Image of CANVAS term and subject search

Or you can search by term and CRN (course reference number)

Image of CANVAS term and CRN search


2. Go to the People Menu {right hand side}

CANVAS People Menu

3. In the upper right hand corner, click on the 3 dots and choose View Prior Enrollments

CANVAS - View Prior Enrollment Option

The following page will appear showing the Prior Users (students who dropped or withdrew from this course section)

CANVAS Prior User View

4. Look for the student in question and then click on the students name to go in to the record

This will show you specific details related to the student and this course section.  Items like Student Grades or Access Report will assist you in reviewing any assignments or graded work or access to CANVAS. 

CANVAS - Access Report View