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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Policies and Procedures

This list provides a ready reference to policies and procedures manuals and handbooks relevant to academic administrators and K-State faculty and staff.

University Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide a broad description of Kansas State University, its nature, and the role of the K-State faculty and administration in relation to the university community's many activities. The contents of this handbook are considered to be standard policy by the faculty and administration.

K-State Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM)

Kansas State University is governed by Kansas Board of Regent’s policy, state and federal law and by its internal policies and procedures. The PPM contains the current university administrative policies and procedures for all K-State employees. 

Board of Regents' Policy Manual

The complete policy manual of the Kansas Board of Regents.  

Department/Unit Head Manual
(for Unclassified Faculty and Staff)

This Department/Unit Head's Manual is designed to assist deans and department/unit heads who have administrative responsibility for academic units and their unclassified faculty/staff members. It is intended to be a procedures manual compiling all existing policies related to specific topics with links to relevant citations, operating procedures, and forms.

Classroom policies

This section includes policies related to academic procedures on exams, confidentiality, dropping classes and more.

Intellectual Property Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to foster the creation and dissemination of knowledge and to provide certainty in individual and institutional rights associated with ownership and with the distribution of benefits that may be derived from the creation of intellectual property.

Mission Statement

Principles of Community

Kansas State University is committed to creating a positive environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Our collective mission is best accomplished when every member of the university community acknowledges and practices these Principles of Community.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Kansas State University's statement on nondiscrimination and compliance.

Committee on Academic Policy and Procedure (CAPP)

This committee interprets and develops academic policy and procedure under the direction of the Provost and the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee.

Additional Policy Resources