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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Teaching resources

For additional policies, guidance and resources, see Student Policies & Guidelines.

Classroom policies

This section includes policies related to academic procedures on exams, confidentiality, dropping classes and more.

Guidelines for Faculty Members Regarding Student Conduct

These guidelines are intended to supplement existing University policies and to suggest alternative methods of addressing student conduct in the classroom setting and in online courses or discussions.

Guidelines for Interpreting Term Final Examination Schedule (pdf)

Beginning in fall 2008, a sub-committee of CAPP along with a representative from the Registrar and Room Scheduling has met to refine the final examination schedule, to incorporate changes and adjustments that accumulated over time and to develop an accompanying document to further clarify and assist faculty, staff and administrators with interpreting the schedule.

Confidential Student Information

Faculty and staff members play a key role in the integrity of student records. It is incumbent upon them to maintain, report and make available information included in student educational records in compliance with the requirements of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended) and the Student Records Policy.

Information for Course Syllabi

Statements about accessibility, the honor code, and copyright information to include in course syllabi.

Final Exam Policy

Semester final examinations are scheduled by the Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures. Once the final examination time for a course is published on the web under "Course Schedules," it may be changed only with the concurrence of the university provost.

Teaching and Learning Center

The staff at the Center collaborates with faculty, graduate teaching assistants and administration to develop and sustain a culture that encourages and rewards teaching excellence.