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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Awards and Honors

K-State is home to many leading scholars, see Faculty Honors for a list of fellows, endowed faculty chairs, professorships and more.

National Faculty Awards

Description, eligibility information, submission deadlines and websites for national faculty awards.

University Awards and Honors

Information about awards available, eligibility, guidelines, important dates, and award amounts.

2023-2024 University Awards Table (PDF)

Information and submission dates for K-State Awards

Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars

The Coffman Chair for University for Distinguished Teaching Scholars was created in 1995 to underscore Kansas State University's commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching and learning. A faculty member acknowledged as a leading teacher scholar is appointed to the chair for one academic year. All who are selected to hold the chair retain the title of University Distinguished Teaching Scholar throughout their careers.

Commerce Bank and W. T. Kemper Foundation Distinguished Graduate Faculty Awards

The Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award is made annually to those faculty who have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally for excellence in research and graduate education. Normally, up to two faculty are selected annually by a group of faculty peers. Recipients receive an honorarium and deliver a public lecture following selection for this award [Recipients] [Guidelines].

Commerce Bank Presidential Student Award for Distinguished Services in Enhancing Multiculturalism at Kansas State University

This award was established in the spring of 1997 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to diversity enhancement within the student sector [Recipients] [Guidelines].

Commerce Bank Presidential Faculty and Staff Award for Distinguished Services to Historically Underrepresented Students

Established in 1978 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to the development of quality education for students of color at Kansas State. Nominees may be a faculty or staff member, an alumnus, a graduate student, or a friend of the University. This $1,500 award is sponsored by the William T. Kemper Foundation through the Commerce Bank [Recipients] [Guidelines].

Commerce Bank and W.T. Kemper Foundation Undergraduate Outstanding Teaching Awards

Selections for four annual $3,000 awards are made at the college levels to recognize excellence in teaching performance in the undergraduate program. These awards were established in 1968 and are now sponsored by the William T. Kemper Foundation through the Commerce Bank [Recipients] [Guidelines].

Excellence in Engagement Award (Information and guidelines)

Established in 2011 by the Office of Provost, the Kansas State University Excellence in Engagement awards are given to highlight excellence in engaged scholarship (via research, teaching, and/or outreach). These awards recognize KSRE and campus faculty initiatives that demonstrate innovative and/or sustained efforts in university/community engagement positively impacting both university and community partners. [Recipients]

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Recognizing excellence in teaching performance by the senior staff of the university in the undergraduate program, two $5,000 awards are made each year. The awards are sponsored by the Curtin Companies and the Office of the President [Recipients] [Guidelines].

Presidential Award for Outstanding Department Head

This annual award acknowledges the recipients accomplishments and governance as a department head, service/cooperation with other units in the College and University, and service to external clientele, professional societies, and to the community. This $5,000 award is sponsored by the Curtin Companies and the Office of the President [Recipients] [Guidelines].

University Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Student in Research

This award has been established to recognize outstanding individual contribution by an undergraduate in research. One $1,000 award will be presented to an undergraduate recipient in the spring semester [Criteria/Application] [Recipients]. 

University Distinguished Faculty Award for the Mentoring of Undergraduate Students in Research

This award has been established to recognize outstanding individual contributions to the inclusion and development of undergraduates in research. One $4,000 faculty award will be presented in the spring semester [Criteria/Application] [Recipients]. 

University Distinguished Professors

The title of University Distinguished Professor is a lifetime title that represents the highest honor Kansas State University can bestow on its faculty, an award that recognizes those making outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and service to their professions and communities. University Distinguished Professors are appointed following a University-wide competition held by the provost. Notification of the competition is made to all faculty by the provost in the Fall [Recipients] [Guidelines].

University Outstanding Department or Unit Award for Enhancing Diversity

This award, established in 2003, recognizes the exceptional efforts undertaken by a unit or department to enhance diversity. One department or unit will be selected each year during the spring semester and will be awarded a plaque and $2,500 [Recipients] [Guidelines].