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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President


This list provides a ready reference to learning and professional development opportunities relevant to academic administrators and K-State faculty and staff. 

For additional professional development opportunities, please see Human Capital Services Learning and Development.

Lecture Series

Provost Lecture Series

Established in 1995, the Provost's Lecture Series features nationally known speakers and on-campus experts who address topics of importance in higher education in general and at Kansas State University in particular. Everyone is welcome to attend these events.

K-State Distinguished Lecturers Series

The K-State Distinguished Lecturers Series provides a highly visible platform for prominent visiting researchers and scholars, and distinguished public intellectuals. Speakers are sponsored by departments and the Office of the Provost, as recommended by the K-State Distinguished Lecturers Series Committee.

Dorothy L. Thompson Civil Rights Lecture Series

This series is in recognition of Dorothy L. Thompson's contributions to the field of human rights on campuses throughout Kansas and the nation.

Vernon Larson Lecture Series

This lecture series was begun in 1979 by Dr. Vernon C. Larson, then Director of International Agricultural Programs. The series offers an opportunity for the K-State community to hear presentations from faculty and individuals who have recently participated in an extensive overseas activity or who are involved in major international activities.

Workshops, institutes and seminars

Scholars and fellowships

Distinguished Teaching Scholars
Big 12 Faculty Fellowship
K-State Mentoring Fellowship