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Associate Provost for Institutional Research

Office of the Associate Provost for Institutional Research 

108 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Kansas State University
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Institutional Research

The associate provost for institutional research, a new position being established in 2019, will serve as the chief institutional research officer for the university, leading a newly defined Office of Institutional Research, or OIR, as we work to establish a robust institutional research capacity at the university.

The associate provost will be responsible for ensuring development and implementation of an institution-wide data strategy that promotes use of data and analytics for informed decision-making. The associate provost and the OIR will collaborate with others to:

  • understand the stakeholders and their decision-support needs
  • collect, analyze, interpret and report data and information
  • support operational, budgetary, and strategic planning, program review, accreditation, and the effective use or resources.

The associate provost will serve as liaison to data stewards and sources across the university and facilitate efforts to combine and aggregate data resources and connect disparate pieces of information to create an institution-wide perspective. Creating coaching and professional development opportunities for information producers, users and consumers across the university will also be important to enhancing the capacity for data-informed decision-making throughout the institution.