Modern Languages Faculty & Graduate Teaching Assistants (2023-24)



Antonioli, Kathleen

Associate Professor of French & French Graduate Studies Advisor
EH 108,
Modern French literature, literary history, the sociology of literature, theories of modernism, women's writing, feminist theory, Québec literature and theories of francophone literature.


Bender, Rebecca

Associate Professor of Spanish, Interim Department Head
EH 207,
19th–21st century Spanish literature; 20th-century Spanish Women’s narrative; First-Wave Spanish Feminism; Cultural and Literary representations of Motherhood; the Spanish Avant-Garde; Spanish and Hispanic Art and Visual Culture; Second-Language (L2) Literature Pedagogy; Digital Humanities.


Chronister, Necia

Professor of German
EH 214,
German literature since 1989, contemporary German women writers, German film, Gender Studies, L2 Literature Pedagogy.


Courbou, Angélique

Teaching Assistant Professor of French & Spanish, Undergraduate Studies Advisor
EH 217,
Advising in post-secondary education; impact of service learning and study abroad.


DePaoli, María Teresa

Professor of Spanish & Spanish Graduate Studies Advisor
EH 229,
Latin American Cultural Studies, Mexican Literature and Culture, Screenwriting Studies, and Latinas in the U.S.


Faber, Andrea

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Co-coordinator Spanish 1 through 4
EH 106,
Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Language & Cognition, Applied Linguistics, Language Pedagogy, Technology for language teaching & learning.


Gavigan, Yasmín

Instructor of Spanish, Director Kirmser Language Center
EH 006,

zamostnyGlassett, Zachary

Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish


Hale, Raelynne

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Co-coordinator Spanish 1 through 4
EH 203,
Contemporary Latin American and Peninsular Literature with a focus on ecocritical approaches.

Headshot of Dr. Hillard

Hillard, Derek

Professor of German & Director of International and Areas Studies
EH 215,
Modernism, German literature, emotion in the arts, poetry, Paul Celan.


Kanost, Laura

Professor of Spanish & Editor of STTCL
EH 204,
Latin American literature from the 19th century to the present, translation, disability studies, women writers, and service-learning.


Loschky, Miki

Teaching Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Japanese Studies
EH 216,

Applied linguistics; psycholinguistic approach to second language reading; language processing (how learners make cognitive connections to comprehend and produce target language structures); bilingualism and its sociolinguistic implications


McCloskey, Benjamin

Associate Professor & Coordinator of Classical Studies

-- on sabbatical leave F24-S25 -- See Dr. Pohler for assistance
Intersection of philosophy and historiography in Socratic literature of the 4th century BCE, impact of narratological approaches on our understanding of philosophy and authority in Xenophon’s corpus, construction of ethnic and gender identities in the literature of the Second Sophistic (1st to 3rd centuries CE).

meritanMeritan, Camille

Teaching Assistant Professor & Coordinator of French
EH 005,

Second Language Acquisition, L2 pronunciation, translanguaging, curriculum design.

zamostnyMossa Thuria

Instructor & Coordinator for Arabic

EH 003,

nazarioNazario, Claudia

Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish

EH 205,
Contemporary Latinx popular culture and literature. Focusing on the representation of intersectional identities (i.e., ethnicity, race, gender, and sexuality) in storytelling. Children's picture books and graphic novels as well as television programs.

pohlerPohler, Allie

Teaching Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Classical Studies
Roman comedy; Greek tragedy; the Greek and Roman novels; representations of marginalized identities in literature; standpoint epistemology; theater and performance; trauma studies; women and gender.


Valentín Rivera, Laura

Associate Professor & Coordinator of Spanish Heritage Learners
EH 213,
Spanish heritage language learners' literacy development and collaboration mediated by social tools (i.e., Google docs, Wikis, blogs)


Yang, Li

Associate Professor, Coordinator of Chinese Studies, and TEFL advisor
EH 013,
Second language (L2) pragmatics acquisition and computer-assisted pragmatics instruction, learners’ pragmatic and intercultural competence in study abroad settings, Chinese L2 learners’ development of writing skills.


Zamostny, Jeffrey

Professor of Spanish
EH 208,

Zamostny's research studies questions of gender, sexuality, celebrity, and fandom in Silver Age Spain (1898-1936). He is interested in how understudied forms such as kiosk novels, illustrated magazines, silent film, and modern dance open new windows onto the study of early twentieth-century Spanish culture.

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. Robert Clark (in memoriam)
  • Dr. Douglas Benson (in memoriam)
  • Dr. Robert Corum (corum)
  • Dr. Claire Dehon (dehoncl)
  • Dr. Lucía Garavito (lugarav)
  • Dr. Michael Ossar
  • Dr. Silvia Sauter (silviae)
  • Dr. Bradley Shaw (bradshaw)
  • Dr. George Tunstall



Charlotte Stephens

Office Specialist III
EH 207,
(785) 532-6760


Alyvia Johnson

Social Media and Office Assistant
EH 207,
Major: Humanities, Spanish, International Studies, and Pre-Law
Modern Languages Ambassador and Tutor

Graduate Teaching Assistants

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