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Welcome to K-State Modern Languages!

As you are embarking on your new K-State adventure this Fall, learn or advance your language skills. Talk to your advisor about your interest in langauges and take a peek at our placement instructions, programs & courses!


ML 2023

Our Faculty and Graduate Student Instructors (GTAs) are ready for the 2023-2024 academic year!

Check out what's new on our Notable News BLOG!

Pamplona Belltower

Modern Languages Ambassador!

We have a great group of majors and minors, plus dual-degree and double majors, who will be representing our department and advocating for language study this year. Keep an eye out for our social media updates for Ambassador profiles and outreach events.


Julia Robbe, President of the Modern Languages Student Association & Ambassadors.


Culture Clip videos! 

If you want to watch a full interview or simply pick a topic you like and watch a clip of Dr. Kanost discussing it, we've got both! Check out the series, and our other videos, on our YouTube channel HERE!

Image of the thumbnail for the full interview video. Cover of Dr. Kanost's book on the left, the translation of Rivera Garza’s La Castañeda.



Give to K-State

Want to meet with an advisor to learn more about Modern Languages, placement, study abroad, scholarships, etc.? BOOK A MEETING with our Modern Languages Advisors

Dr. Courbou, lead advisor and teaching assistant professor 
Mrs. Gavigan, KLC director, advisor and instructor





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