M.A. Program - Customize to your interests!

The M.A. program in the Department of Modern Languages offers tracks in SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, or TEFL, and is highly customizable. Our graduate students tailor their studies to their interests and career goals.

The program consists of 30 credit hours, or 10 courses at the 600-800-level. These courses are generally divided so that a minimum of 6 (18 credit hours) are in the language of specialization, and the remaining 4 (12 credits) consist of our MLANG electives - these are courses taught in English for the purpose of advanced Langauge (L2) teaching and research.

MA in French, German, Spanish: Program description

MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): Ideal for students hoping to teach English abroad. This program is more structured, with 5 required courses and 5 electives. Program description.

TEFL Certificate - 6 classes (18 credit hours); can be completed in conjunction withe the MA degree, as an "add-on". This requires at least 2 additional courses for a total of 6 courses (18-credit hours) in the language of specialzation and 6 courses (18-credit hours) of MLANG electives that count for the TEFL certificate. Given the additional courses and the specific electives requried, students pursuing a TEFL Certificate with their MA should plan to take an additional semester to complete the degree & certificate together. Information on the TEFL certificate is available here.

See our Student Leaning Outcomes (SLOs) here.


If you have any questions about these programs, and/or the application process, please contact:

Dr. Rebecca Bender

Associate Professor of Spanish and Interim Department Head
Eisenhower Hall 207

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