Dr. Benjamin McCloskey

Associate Professor and Classical Studies Program Coordinator

Research Interests Photo of Dr. McCloskey

Intersection of philosophy and historiography in Socratic literature of the 4th century BCE, impact of narratological approaches on our understanding of philosophy and authority in Xenophon’s corpus, construction of ethnic and gender identities in the literature of the Second Sophistic (1st to 3rd centuries CE).


  • “Xenophon’s Democratic Pedagogy.” Forthcoming from Phoenix.

  • “Xenophon the Philosopher: E Pluribus Plura.” American Journal of Philology, 138.4. December 2017. 605-640.

  • “Achilles' Brutish Hellenism: Greek Identity in the Heroikos.” Classical Philology, 112.1, January 2017. 63-85.


  • Benjamin McCloskey presented a paper titled "Cowards and Slaves: Greeks on the Periphery in the Cyropaedia" at the 111th annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in Boulder, CO, which met from March 25-28th. (2015)