Modern Languages - French

French language and culture are globally significant as the second most widely learned after English, with over 200 million speakers worldwide. Renowned for its literature, art, cinema, cuisine, and philosophy, French influences global intellectual and artistic movements. As an official language of major international organizations like the UN and EU, French proficiency is crucial for careers in diplomacy and global governance. France's universities offer academic excellence, enhancing opportunities in tourism, hospitality, fashion, and international business. Through cultural diplomacy, Alliances Françaises promote intercultural understanding, emphasizing French's role in global citizenship and professional advancement in today's interconnected world.

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The Modern Languages department offers a variety of courses in French, both a minor and major in French, as well as opportunities for graduate studies. We provide options for earning free credits for prior language experience, offer scholarships, and strongly encourage students to participate in study abroad programs. Come practice your French, chat and meet people at our French Language Table. For more information contact:

Dr. Kathleen Antonioliantonioli
Associate Professor
EH 108

Dr. Angélique Courboucourbou
Teaching Assistant Professor
EH 217

Dr. Camille Meritanmeritan
Teaching Assistant Professor & Language Coordinator
EH 005



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