Undergraduate Studies

Whether you are interested in Arabic, Chinese, Classics, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish, studying a language in college offers numerous benefits. It enhances cognitive abilities like problem-solving, critical thinking, and multitasking, aiding academic success. Proficiency opens global opportunities across industries like business, healthcare, diplomacy, and education. Additionally, it fosters cultural awareness, empathy, and cross-cultural communication skills crucial in today's interconnected world. Finally, it boosts employability and career advancement, enriching both personal development and preparing students for future endeavors.

K-State students pursuing basic language coursework, minors, and majors in Modern Languages enjoy a sense of community in small, interactive classes led by expert faculty. Combining languages with a variety of academic career may be truly beneficial. True beginners are welcome, and they begin building practical communication skills from day one. To find out where you should begin, check our placement information or make an appointment with an advisor.

Students with prior experience are placed in our program according to their skill level, and can apply for free retroactive credit for courses below their initial entry point in our sequence.

Thanks to generous donor support, we award over $60,000 in scholarships annually. In addition, we actively promote student participation in education abroad with recurring faculty-led programs in Germany, Mexico, and Spain.