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German is Europe's most widely spoken native language and crucial in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, with over 90 million native speakers worldwide. Germany's economic strength, especially in technology and engineering, makes German proficiency valuable in international business. German culture, influential in philosophy, music, literature, and science through figures like Kant, Beethoven, and Freud, offers profound insights and academic resources. Germany's leadership in the EU and global diplomacy underscores the importance of German for international relations and cultural exchange, enhancing opportunities in diverse careers and global citizenship.

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The Modern Languages department offers a variety of courses in German, both a minor and major in German, as well as opportunities for graduate studies. We provide options for earning free credits for prior language experience, offer scholarships, and strongly encourage students to participate in study abroad programs. Come practice your German, chat and meet people at our German Language Table. For more information contact:

Dr. Necia Chronister chronister
EH 214

Dr. Derek Hillard hillard
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