Dr. Necia Chronister

Associate Professor and German Language Program Coordinator

Research & Teaching Interests Photo of Dr. Necia Chronister

German literature since 1989, contemporary German women writers, German film, Gender Studies, L2 Literature Pedagogy (see her MA Students' L2 Literature and Teaching projects here).


  • “The Enduring Impermanence of Jenny Erpenbeck.” World Literature Today. July 2018. 48-51.

  • “Conceiving of a Realfictional Body: Material Feminisms and Jenny Erpenbeck’s Geschichte vom alten Kind (1999)” The German Quarterly 91.2 (Spring 2018): 123-137.

  • “The Poetics of the Surface as a Critical Aesthetic in Judith Hermann’s Alice (2009) and Aller Liebe Anfang (2014)” Gegenwartsliteratur. Ein germanistisches Jahrbuch 14 (2015): 265-289.

  • “Judith Hermann’s ‘Sommerhaus, später’: Gender Ambiguity and Smooth versus Striated Spaces.” German Women Authors and the Spatial Turn: New Perspectives. Ed. Carola Daffner and Beth Ann Muellner. Berlin: DeGruyter, 2015. 149-165.

  • “Language-Bodies: Interpellation and Gender Transition in Judith Hermann’s ‘Sonja’ and Antje Rávic Strubel’s Kältere Schichten der Luft.” Germen Women’s Writing in the 21st Century. Ed. Hester Baer and Alexandra Merley Hill. Rochester: Camden House, 2015. 18-36.

  • Book chapter “Judith Hermann’s ‘Sommerhaus, später’: Gender Ambiguity and Smooth versus Striated Spaces” appeared in the volume New Perspectives on German Women Authors and the Spatial (Re)Turn. Ed. Carola Daffner and Beth Ann Muellner. Berlin: DeGruyter. July 2015

  • "Narrating the Fault Lines: German Literature since the Fall of the Wall" as an online exclusive for the literary magazine World Literature Today.

  • "Domestic Disputes: Envisioning the Gender of Home in the Era of Re-privatization in Eastern Germany" was published in _Heimat Goes Mobile: Hybrid Forms of Home in Literature and Film_. Ed. Gabi Eichmanns and Yvonne Franke. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.

Presentations, Lectures, Conferences, and Grants

  • Necia Chronister delivered a paper on Jenny Erpenbeck at the 2018 Puterbaugh Festival at the University of Oklahoma, March 8, 2018, which honored Jenny Erpenbeck as the 2018 Puterbaugh Fellow.
  • Necia Chronister delivered the paper “The Economics of Clean Energy: Monika Maron’s Bitterfelder Bogen and Juli Zeh’s Unterleuten” at the 59th Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Languages Association in Cincinnati, Cincinnati, November 10, 2017.
  • At the German Studies Association conference in Kansas City in September Necia Chronister presented a paper, "Death in the New Economy: Reevaluating the Oberflächenästhetik in Judith Hermann’s Alice"
  • Necia Chronister was accepted to the Notre Dame Berlin Seminar (July 9-20, 2017) on the topic of the German literary and publishing industry. Acceptance came with a $1200 travel stipend. She was also awarded a Faculty Development Award in the amount of $1522 to support travel to this seminar