Dr. Raelynne Hale

Assistant Professor of Spanish

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Email: raehale@ksu.edu

Office: Eisenhower 203

Research Interests

I specialize in Contemporary Latin American and Peninsular Literature with a particular focus on ecocritical approaches. I earned my Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of California, Riverside, and have conducted research in Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. In my research, I delve into the intricate relationship between literature and the environment in the context of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. My publications explore topics ranging from interactive microfiction in the digital realm to the eco-centric themes in works by contemporary authors. I'm committed to pushing the boundaries of literary studies and fostering a deeper understanding of environmental concerns through literature.


2018 Ph.D. in Spanish, University of California, Riverside, CA

2014 M.A. in Spanish, Saint Louis University, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

2010 B.S. in Spanish, Summa Cum Laude, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

Courses Offered

Graduate Seminars:

Environmental Perspectives in Latin America

Teaching Language (L2) Online (MLANG course offered in English)


Upper-division courses:

Land, Air, and Water: Conservation, Sustainability, and the Environment in the Spanish-Speaking World

Food in Spanish American History and Culture

Micro-Stories Across the Atlantic


Spanish Language courses:

Spanish Communication through Pop Culture

Spanish 1 - 4 sequence online


Hale, Raelynne. “Jack Agüeros.” Latino Literature Encyclopedia for Students, Edited by Lacie Rae Buckwalter and Christina Soto Van der Plas, ABC-Clio, March 2023, pp. 13-18, 288. https://www.abc-clio.com/products/a6306c/

“La Tinta de Silencio: Micropublicaciones Innovadoras.” Microficción mexicana. Universidad: Revista de pensamiento y cultura de la BUAP, Año 12, No. 42, enero-marzo 2023. https://unidiversidad.com.mx/articulos/micropublicaciones-raelynne-hale/

Arciniegas, Gabriela A. The Shapes of Air: Quantum Fiction / Las formas del aire, ficción cuántica. Translated and Edited by Raelynne Hale, California State University, Fullerton. 2022. Kindle.

Hale, Raelynne. “Twitter y la minificción: un espacio de contacto entre los autores y sus lectores y la creación de microrrelatos interactivos / Twitter and Minificción: An Interactive Space for Authors and their Readers and the Creation of Interactive short short stories.” Microtextualidades. Revista Internacional de microrrelato y minificción, no. 6, 2019, pp. 123-52. Revistas Cientificas. https://revistascientificas.uspceu.com/microtextualidades/article/view/50

Conference Organizer

“AI and the Future: Exploring the Intersection of Language(s), Science and Ethics.” AI and the Future Symposium. Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. October 16 – 18, 2023. https://lib.k-state.edu/technology/ai-and-libraries/ai-symposium/

Grants and Awards

Global Campus Development Grant for SPAN 300 Spanish III Online, 2023, $15,000

AI Symposium, Primary Event Organizer and PI, October 2023, $6,500

Virtual and Online Innovations and Curricular Enhancements Award, 2022

Faculty Award for Outstanding Lecturer, 2021

CCF Award for Special Project for SPAN 470, 2021

FDC Virtual Teaching Faculty Fellow, 2020

Distinguished Teaching Award, 2018

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2018

Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship, 2015 - 2017

Hispanic Studies Summer Research Grant, 2016, $500

Websites and Social Media

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/raelynnehale

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.rhale

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaelynneMHale