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English Language Program

How Does it Work?

Kansas State University offers a fast and convenient alternative to traditional intensive English programs. We recognize that your time is money and we want to help you get through your English courses in a cost effective way. That's why we developed K-State Fast which offers a variety of ways to expedite your intensive English experience and move on to your professional and academic goals. Explore the details about what the English Language Program:K-State Fast has to offer!  

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Online Placement

Get your placement from anywhere in the world.

Submit your scores online -OR- Prepare to place once you arrive with our practice test

eng and academics

Enroll in English and Academic Courses - At the same time!

Our program allows students to only take the English classes that they need to succeed. As students progress through the K-State Fast Program they can enroll in undergraduate courses while they continue their English studies

Sample Schedule:


Advanced ReadingIntro to BiologyAdvanced ReadingIntro to BiologyAdvanced Reading
Algebra IAdvanced SpeakingAlgebra IAdvanced SpeakingAlgebra I


degree credit

Earn Degree Credit for English Classes

Our colleges accept a varying degree of ELP courses towards an undergraduate degree.

Credits accepted:

For each college there is a maximum percentage of your degree that can come from English courses.

Business 20%Arts & Sciences 17%Agriculture 13%Human Ecology 10%Polytechnic Campus & Architecture 5%

 The number of credits accepted by College (depending on your degree):


English Credits Applied to Your Undergraduate Degree


0-20 credits


3-16 credits

Arts & Sciences

15 credits


12-27 credits

Health and Human Sciences

2-15 credits

Kansas State Polytechnic

3-9 credits


Personalized Tutoring

The ELP Tutoring Center helps students improve their English language skills outside of class time. All tutors are experienced ELP faculty. Find out more about tutoring and how to make an appointment here.

campus life

Become an Active Part of Campus Life

Become a part of the campus community through our specialized programs and projects designed for international students working on proficiency. 

Program examples include:

  • LEAD 305 - Leadership Studies speaking experience
  • Conversation Days with the College of Business
  • Project and Dinner with Anthropology Department
  • "Tea with the Dean" - Meet the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences


One-on-One Advising

Each student will meet regularly with an ELP advisor who is trained to assist students with a variety of issues.

course access

Full Campus Access

ELP students are enrolled at Kansas State University and enjoy access to all student services and activities including the


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