ELP Advising

ELP Advisors are here to help!

The ELP advisor is Leena Chakrabarti. The ELP advisor is here to help you when you have an academic or personal problem. To make an appointment, please email the advisor directly or contact elp@ksu.edu.

Your visit (appointment) with the advisor is private. Information you share with your advisor will not be shared publicly.

How ELP advisors can help you:

  • Explain and answer questions about cultural differences. Discuss problems you are having adjusting to living in a new country or adjusting to life as an online student.
  • Explain and answer questions about ELP policy on level placement, test scores, class attendance, etc.
  • Answer questions about your ELP scores.
  • Discuss your study skills. Give you specific suggestions to help you improve your study skills.
  • Talk to you about personal problems (illness, finances, roommate problems, stress).
  • Answer general questions about KSU course work.

The advisor will not make decisions for you, but they are very happy to assist you while you try to find an answer. If you have a problem, they cannot help you with, they can refer you to other campus offices that can.

If you have a question or concern about class, please talk to your teacher first. If you have questions and concerns about anything else in the ELP, you can always make an appointment with an ELP advisor by going to the ELP office in Fairchild 205 or sending an email to the advisor asking to set up a Zoom meeting. Advisors work with all students - online or on-campus - to set up meeting times that are convenient.

If you have a concern about a teacher, and you have already discussed it with the teacher, please contact Associate Director of Student Services, Leena Chakrabarti at leena@ksu.edu or make an appointment with her in the ELP office.

We are glad you are here! We will be happy to help you in every way we can!