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The English Language Program: K-State Fast

Need English? No problem! Kansas State University offers the ultimate solution to your proficiency needs. Through K-State Fast, our English Language Program provides a fast and convenient way to improve your English while pursuing an undergraduate degree.

The ELP is owned and governed by Kansas State University. K-State does not partner with private programs. ELP students are admitted and enrolled as K-State students and enjoy access to all student services and activities. 

K-State Fast


graduation graphicSave Time, Save Money and Graduate Faster with Kansas State University's English Language Program: K-State Fast. With K-State Fast you have access to special benefits to ensure your academic success. Our program includes online pre-placement from anywhere in the world, one-on-one advising, campus integration programs, tutoring, special course access, dual enrollment in both English and academic classes and earning elective credit for ELP courses toward your undergraduate degree.