Align Outcomes with Assignments using Rubrics and Question Banks

After Outcomes are set up, they must be aligned with a Rubric or Question Bank so they can be assessed with assignments. If you are unfamiliar with the types of assessments offered in Canvas, see the overview to understand what types of assignments are available and the terminology of assignments in Canvas.

What is Alignment? (video)

Canvas Assessment Types Overview (video)


Aligning with a Rubric allows Outcomes to be assessed on manual/offline assignments (such as written papers, projects, or presentations), online discussions, and essay questions contained within quizzes. The AAC&U VALUE Rubrics for written communication, oral communication, critical thinking, and others are already added to Canvas--these can be easily imported into your courses and edited to suit your needs. Additional Rubrics can be added at the program level for easy sharing across courses--contact the Office of Assessment if you would like to add a program rubric. See the Measurement section of the Assessment toolkit for additional information about developing Rubrics.

Question Banks

Aligning Question Banks allows you to assess Outcomes on online selected-response (multiple-choice, true/false, etc.) type assignments. In Canvas, these are referred to as Quizzes. Alignment with Question Banks must be completed before any students complete the quiz--alignment does not work retroactively.


The MagicMarker app (currently iOS only) is the efficient and effective way of recording mastery of learning outcomes in your classroom. MagicMarker helps you create student groups and assess them based on outcomes in your course.