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Assessment of Student Learning

Office of Assessment
Kansas State University
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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment


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Foundations of Outcomes Assessment

This short 3-video set provides foundational understanding necessary for an effective student learning assessment process. It will be beneficial for faculty, staff, assessment coordinators, and program/unit leaders.


Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Videos

Video 1: Identifying Performance Indicators .PDF 
Video 2: Defining Performance Indicators.PDF
Video 3: Bring Performance Indicators Into Your Course.PDF
Video 4: Connecting Performance Indicators to Assignments.PDF
Video 5: Assessing Teamwork.PDF
Video 6: Aligning to Question Banks.PDF
Video 7: Performance Indicator and Assignment Scoring.PDF
Video 8: Finding Dashboards.PDF
Video 9: Using Dashboards.PDF
College of Engineering Glossary of Assessment Terminology