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About K-State

Dr. Susan Ariola Bosco Putting Students First Faculty Awards

Gregory Newmark

Gregory Newmark

Research Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Gregory Newmark received multiple nominations that highlighted his student-focused approach. This includes minimizing extra costs to attend his classes, supporting students who are struggling with mental health challenges, helping students to get internships and jobs, helping find scholarship/fellowship money for students, and assisting students in independent research.

He is never scarce of encouragement or engagement, which ensures that all students are welcome to talk about anything. Not only does he listen and value what students have to say, but he actively offers advice that stimulates solutions. His accomplishments, guidance and teaching make him extremely qualified for an award that focuses on placing K-State students as a priority.

Shelly Williams

Shelly Williams

Morrison Family Director of Cats' Cupboard

Shelly Williams embodies judiciousness, mindfulness and empathy enabling her to nurture connections with and between students and to bridge divides to build intercultural understanding and an atmosphere of belonging.

Perseverant and service-oriented, she models staying motivated, committed, and disciplined yet curious, showing us that we all have a role in enriching others' lives and that it doesn't take much to lend others a listening ear or helping hand along the way.

In putting students first but never comprising on the quality of her work, this staff member from Cats' Cupboard has proven herself as an innovator and agent of positive change.