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Endowed Chairs and Professorships at Kansas State University


Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Spainhour Family Chair for Women In Engineering and Science

Chardie Baird

Associate Professor, Sociology, and Executive Director, K-State Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering

Virginia and Perry Peine Biosecurity Chair

Stephen Higgs

Associate Vice President for Research and Director, Biosecurity Research Institute

Mary Lynn and Warren Staley Chair for Leadership

Mary Hale Tolar

Director, Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies

Richard A. & Greta Bauer Pickett Chair for Exceptional Faculty

David Graff

Professor, History, and Interim Director, Institute for Military History

Mary L. Vanier University Professorship

Charles W. Rice

University Distinguished Professor, Agronomy


Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

G.M. Ross Professorship in Milling Science and Management

Hulya Dogan

Associate Professor, Grain Science and Industry

Charles D. Singelton Chair in Grain Science and Industry

Jon Faubion

Professor, Grain Science and Industry

Bikram S. Gill Chair in Wheat Genetics

Bikram S. Gill

University Distinguished Professor, Plant Pathology, Director of the Wheat Genetics Resource Center

Walter M. and Frances Aicher Lewis Distinguished Chair in Animal Sciences & Industry

KC Olson

Professor, Animal Sciences and Industry

Professor Donald A. Wilbur Endowed Professorship in Stored-Product Protection

Tom Phillips

Professor, Entomology

Lortscher Professorship in Renewable Energy

Praveen Vadlani

Associate Professor, Grain Science and Industry

Kansas Health Foundation Distinguished Professor in Community Development



Architecture, Planning & Design

Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Victor L. Regnier Distinguished Visiting Architecture Chair

Gonçalo Byrne

Visiting Professor, Architecture

Victor L. Regnier Architecture Chair

Robert Condia

Professor, Architecture

Mary K. Jarvis Chair in Landscape Architecture

Lee Skabelund

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Arts & Sciences

Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle
Edwin G. and Lillian J. Brychta Chair of Biology

John Blair

University Distinguished Professor, Biology

Walter Dodds

University Distinguished Professor, Biology

Ruth Welti

University Distinguished Professor, Biology

Mary L. Vanier Chair

Rollie J. Clem

Professor, Biology

William and Joan Porter Chair in Physics

Amit Chakrabarti

Professor and Head, Physics

Michael W. Suleiman Chair in Arab and Arab-American Studies

Sabri Ciftci

Associate Professor, Political Science

Michael Donnelly Faculty Award in English

Greg Eiselein

Professor, English

Ernest K. and Lillian E. Chapin Physics Chair

Brett Esry

University Distinguished Professor, Physics

Kenneth S. Davis Professorship

Albert Hamscher

Professor, History

Roger Trenary Chair in Economics

Daniel Kuester

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics

General Richard Myers Chair

Richard Myers

Professor, Military History

Ernest K. and Lillian E. Chapin Physics Chair

Sanjay Rebello

Professor, Physics

Mary Jo Cortelyou & John H Rust Professorship

Chris Sorensen

Professor, Physics

Roe R. Cross Professorship in Economics



Alice D. Fiedler Distinguished Professor of Biology



Geology Distinguished Professorship



R.M. Seaton Professional Journalism Chair



Randall C. Hill Professorship of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work



Business Administration

Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Dennis & Sally von Waaden Professorship in Business Administration

Marne Arthaud-Day

Associate Professor, Management

Mark Truitt Entrepreneurial Studies

James Bloodgood

Professor, Management

Robert F. Hagans Chair in Business

Bongsug Chae

Professor, Management

Edgerley Outstanding Instructor Fellowship

Jan Crow

Instructor, Marketing

John J. Vanier Distinguished Chair in Business Administration

Dawn Deeter-Schmelz

Professor, Marketing

Ralph Crouch - Peat Marwick Professorship

Dan Deines

Professor, Accounting

Edgerley Family Endowed Deanship in the College of Business Administration

Kevin Gwinner

Dean, College of Business Administration

von Waaden Chair for Investment Management

Eric Higgins

Professor and Head, Finance

Robert M. Edgerley Chair in International Business

Swinder Janda

Professor, Marketing

Daniel D. Burke Chair for Exceptional Faculty in Business Administration

Roger McHaney

Professor, Management

Paul B. Edgerley Chair in Business Administration

Chwen Sheu

Professor and Head, Management

Edgerley Outstanding Instructor Fellowship

Fred Smith

Instructor, Accounting

Edgerley Family Chair in Business Administration

Diane Swanson

Professor, Management

L.L. McAninch Chair of Business Administration

Esther Swilley

Associate Professor, Marketing

Sam and Karen Forrer Ethics in Business Chair

William H. Turnley

Professor and Head, Management

Robin Hagans Maupin Chair in Business

Joe Ugrin

Associate Professor, Accounting

Robert G. Chapman Chair in Accounting

Brett Wilkinson

Professor and Head of Accounting

Jon Wefald Faculty of Distinction Chair in Business Administration



Capitol Federal Distinguished Chair in Finance



Jack Vanier Distinguished Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship




Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Elvon G. Skeen Chair in Education

David Thompson

Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership

Lydia E. Skeen Chair in Education

Linda Thurston

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and External Funding


Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Dow Directorship of Multicultural Engineering Program

LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin

Director, Multicultural Engineering Program

Martin K. Eby Distinguished Professorship

Katie Loughmiller

Assistant Professor, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science

Tointon Construction Management Chair

Ray Buyle

Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science

LeRoy C. and Aileen H. Paslay Chair in Engineering

Darren M. Dawson

Dean, College of Engineering

Steven M. and Kay L. Theede Chair in Engineering

William Dunn

Department Head and Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Tom H. Barrett University Faculty Chair in Chemical Engineering

James Edgar

Department Head and University Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering

Hutton Family Distinguished Faculty Fund in Construction Science

James Goddard

Professor, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science

George J. and Alice D. Fiedler Distinguished Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Don Gruenbacher

Associate Professor and Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lucas-Rathbone Professorship in Engineering

John Hatcliff

University Distinguished Professor, Computer Science

The William H. Honstead Professor of Chemical Engineering

Keith Hohn

Professor, Chemical Engineering

Charles and Nona Frankenhoff Chair in Engineering

Mohammad Hosni

Professor, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering

Munger Professorship in Civil Engineering

Mustaque Hossain

Professor, Civil Engineering, and Associate Director, Mid-America Transportation Center

Bob and Betty Tointon Engineering Chair

Julia Keen

Professor, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science

Ike and Letty Evans Engineering Chair

Bradley Kramer

Department Head and Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

G.E. Johnson Construction Science Chair

Kimberly Kramer

Professor, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science

Boyd D. Brainard Departmental Faculty Chair

Douglas McGregor

University Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Clair N. and Sara M. Palmer Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Bala Natarajan

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Logan-Fetterhoof Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty of Distinction Chair

Anil Pahwa

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mark H. and Margaret H. Hulings Chair in Engineering

Robert Peterman

Professor, Civil Engineering

Tim Taylor Chair in Chemical Engineering

Placidus Amama

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

LeRoy and Aileen Paslay Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Caterina Scoglio

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Harold O. Neff & Jane C. Massey Neff Professorship
in Mechanical Engineering

Gurpreet Singh

Associate Professor, Mechanical And Nuclear Engineering

Mingjun Wei

Associate Professor, Mechanical And Nuclear Engineering

John W. and Dorothy M. Burke Architectural Engineering Chair

Fred Hasler

Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science

The Lloyd T. Smith Creativity in Engineering Chair

Cornelia Caragea

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Peggy and Gary Edwards Chair in Engineering

Pavithra Prabhakar

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Carl R. and Mary T. Ice Industrial Engineering Professorship

Shuting Lei

Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Hal and Mary Siegele Professorship

Melanie Derby

Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Civil Engineering Alumni Professorship Honoring Dr. R. Snell

Mustaque Hossain

Professor, Civil Engineering, and Associate Director, Mid-America Transportation Center

Paul L. Spainhour Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Punit Prakash

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Keystone Research Scholar, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jim and Carolyn Grier Construction Science Chair

Shannon Casebeer

Assistant Professor, Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Thomas and Connie Paulson Civil Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award



Human Ecology

Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Jack M. & Ruth C. Rice Distinguished Professorship

Jane Garcia

Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Vera Mowery McAninch Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Sandra Stith

Professor, Marriage and Family Therapy

Elizabeth Chapin Burke Chair in Human Ecology

Barbara Anderson

Professor and Head, Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design 

Mary L. Vanier Professorship in Human Ecology



K-State Polytechnic

Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

McCune & Middlekauff Fellowship

Kurt Barnhart

Associate Dean of Research and Engagement

McArthur Faculty Fellow Award

Jimmy Splichal

Professor, Aviation

Marchbanks Award for Teaching Excellence

Richard Zajac

Professor, Arts, Sciences and Business

Veterinary Medicine

Name of EndowmentDesigneeTitle

Edwin J. Frick Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

Mike Apley

Professor, Production Medicine/Clinical Pharmacology

Morgan K. "Al" Jarvis Chair in Veterinary Medicine

Thomas Schermerhorn

Professor, Clinical Sciences

Steven and Colleen Hodes Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

Kenneth Harkin

Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine

Edgar E. and M. Elisabeth Coleman Chair in Veterinary Medicine

Robert Larson

Professor, Clinical Sciences

Dr. Roy Walter Upham Endowed Professorship

Derek Mosier

Professor, Pathology

Dr. Robert MacDonald Professorship in Veterinary Medicine

David Renter

Professor, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Roy and Lucille M. Doughman Professorship

James Roush

Professor, Clinical Sciences

W.S. and E.C. Jones Professorship of Production Medicine and Epidemiology

Daniel Thomson

Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences

James B. Nichols Master of Public Health Professorship

Ellyn Mulcahy

Associate Professor, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Pet Tribute Professorship

Mary Bagladi-Swanson

Clinical Professor, Clinical Sciences