Jacob Groshek, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Ross Beach Chair for Emerging Med
Campus office: 324 C Nichols Hall | groshek@ksu.edu | jacobgroshek.com
Jacob Groshek (Ph.D., Indiana University) is the endowed Ross Beach Chair of Emerging Media Research at Kansas State University. Previously, he held faculty appointments at Boston University, the University of Melbourne (Australia), and Erasmus University (The Netherlands). Topically, his areas of expertise concern online and mobile media technologies as their use may relate to sociopolitical and behavioral health change at the macro (i.e., national) and micro (as in individual) levels. His work also include analyses of media content and user influence in social media.

Put simply, Groshek uses a blend of interpretive as well as relatively advanced statistical tools for network analysis, forecasting, and explaining where and how the use of media has shaped the course of political and health decision making. If you are wondering, no - social media and fake news didn’t win Trump the 2016 election, and people were not trapped in ideological filter bubbles, based on the evidence found in this study.

An up to date selection of Groshek's publications appear on his website. Please feel free to contact him with feedback and questions, or for media or speaking requests.