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We're a forward-thinking, skills-based and research-driven community.


The A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication at Kansas State University is a forward-thinking, skills-based and research-driven community that cares deeply about cultivating communication, inspiring stories and elevating voices for the common good. With a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, our School is committed to helping students and learners of all ages influence, inspire and inform.

The School’s teaching and research cover a wide range and forms of media and communication. We create and disseminate knowledge in areas such as social and digital media; smart homes and emerging technology; media and journalism; democracy, advocacy and justice; strategic planning and campaign development in advertising and public relations; workplace and organizational communication; environmental and science communication; leadership; conflict management; and much more. We combine theory, research, and practice to promote innovation, creativity and progress through communication.

The School is also committed to creating an environment that celebrates and supports diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to be a community where everyone belongs, builds relationships and learns more about themselves and others.




A legacy of professional media and civic dedication

Alexander Quintella (A.Q.) Miller, Sr., born in 1874 and the namesake of the School, is considered one of Kansas’ outstanding journalists. A celebrated publisher of the Belleville Telescope in Republic County, KS, and civic leader, A.Q. dedicated his life to serving his community and championing initiatives he believed in. A gift in 1987 from his son, Carl Miller, a K-State alum, resulted in the School being named after him. Today, the Miller family continues A.Q.'s legacy in professional media and civic dedication.