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Careers & Internships

The A.Q. Miller School’s Job Ready Program

Job Ready is the School’s professional development series — endorsed by industry professionals. Workshops and events teach students how to confidently communicate with prospective employers to set themselves apart from other candidates and expertly navigate the job market. A.Q. Miller School Job Ready Logo

Job Ready training sessions are offered in four core development areas:

  • Resume and personal branding basics
  • Managing a digital presence
  • Confident communication
  • Career exploration

Job Ready Coordinator: David Levy,


Gain valuable, real-world experience with an internship

The most consistent message the A.Q. Miller School receives from employers is, "send us graduates who have some experience in the field." Internships are a great way to start building a base of experience — and get classroom credit at the same time.

The A.Q. Miller School does not officially place student interns, but it does coordinate efforts to provide a positive experience. Internships are a coordinated effort between several key individuals:

  • Intern
    An eligible student who has completed departmental prerequisites.
  • Site supervisor
    A professional in the work world with the required desire and media industry education and training to provide a student intern with a meaningful, college-level, work experience. The site supervisor acts as a mentor and guide to the intern and provides feedback on the intern’s progress to both the intern and SMC.
  • Faculty coordinator
    A faculty member who academically guides the student through the internship. The faculty coordinator verifies the academic validity of the experience and assists the intern in establishing meaningful learning objectives and recognizing the learning which has occurred. The faculty coordinator determines the final grade for the internship.

Internship Coordinator: Dr. Tom Hallaq,

School of Media and Communication Internships

Learn more about internship requirements and how to find internship opportunities.



Connect with the K-State Career Center

The Kansas State University Career Center, located in the Berney Family Welcome Center, offers a wide range of services that will ultimately help students find success beyond K-State.

  • Connect with employers during one of the university career fairs
  • Learn how to prepare for an interview
  • Access full and part-time job listings, internships, and volunteer opportunities
  • Explore diversity-related resources
  • Obtain business attire at no cost from the Career Closet
  • Discover resources for negotiating salary and understanding benefit packages


student holding up a promotional patch she worked on for an internship