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About K-State

Among the Best

When you offer an exceptional student experience complete with a wide variety of academic choices, hands-on research opportunities and extracurricular activities that foster friendship, involvement and community, you're bound to get noticed both regionally and nationally. We're proud of our reputation for excellence, and the collective K-State family continually does its part to keep our reputation a reality.  

National rankings

Princeton Review: Best Colleges

The Princeton Review ranked Kansas State University in multiple categories in "The Best 389 Colleges: 2024 Edition" report.

No. 1  for friendliest students
No. 1  for best town-gown relations
No. 2  for happiest students
No. 4  for best quality of life
No. 5  for best student support and counseling services
No. 5  for best athletic facilities
No. 6  for students love these colleges
No. 6  for best health services
No. 8  for best college dorms
No. 9  for best career services
No. 9  for best campus food
No. 9  for college city gets high marks
No. 15  for most active student government
Princeton Review: Best Value Colleges

The Princeton Review ranked K-State in multiple categories in the "Best Value Colleges for 2023" report.

No. 2  for best alumni networks
No. 2  for internships
No. 10  for making an impact
Money Magazine
One of Money Magazine's Best Colleges. (2023)
College Rank
Top 10 best college towns in the nation. (2022)

Regional rankings

Top-ranked university value in the state of Kansas (2023)
University Magazine
No. 1 university in Kansas (2022)
No. 1 best college campus in Kansas (2024)