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2023 Faculty Achievements

• National leader: Tim Musch elected president of American Physiological Society. 

• Top editor: Anthony Ferraro named co-editor-in-chief for Journal of Divorce and Remarriage. 

• Why the decline?: David Haukos awarded grant to study bird population declines. 

• Editing expertise: J. Spencer Clark named to editorial team of international journal. 

• Natural leader: Chuancheng Duan receives grant for co-generation of liquid chemicals and electricity from natural gas. 

• New book: Yolanda Broyles-González publishes book on transnational Mexican music movement. 

• Outstanding advisor: Logan Britton receives national Blue Key award. 

• Top researcher: P.V. Vara Prasad named in top 1% of world’s influential and highly cited researchers for 2022.  

Carnegie communicator: Nancy Muturi receives Carnegie fellowship to collaborate with Kenyan university. 

Top crop scientist: Elizabeth "Beth" Guertal, receives Presidential Award of the Crop Science Society of America. 

Accelerating accessibility: Siny Joseph is among a team of five researchers who have been awarded grant funding from the National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator program. 

• Distinguished professors: Timothy Musch and Uwe Thumm receive Higuchi-KU research awards. 

• Awesome astronomer: Bharat Ratra named fellow of the American Astronomical Society. 

• Authoring integrity: Camilla J. Roberts co-edits book providing educators and students with 66 case studies on academic integrity. 

• Published professor: Briana Nelson Goff publishes new book exploring effects of war deployment and trauma on military couples. 

• Emerging scholar: Alex Red Corn was selected as one of 15 scholars who are working to improve the lot of humanity. 

• Top geographer: Bimal Paul recognized as American Association of Geographers fellow. 

• Stopping the spread: Caterina Scoglio receives grant to study disease spread and long-distance dispersal of pathogens.