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University Distinguished Professors

The title of University Distinguished Professor is a lifetime title that represents the highest honor Kansas State University can bestow on its faculty, an award that recognizes those making outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and service to their professions and communities.

Learn more about the selection criteria, officers, and guidelines for appointment.

Traci BrimhallEnglish2024
Yoonseong ParkEntomology2024
James StackPlant Pathology2024
Allen FeatherstoneAgricultural Economics2023
Ari JumpponenBiology2023
Jun LiChemistry2023
Jesse NippertBiology2023
Caterina ScoglioElectrical and Computer Engineering2023
Hans CoetzeeAnatomy and Physiology2022
Roman GantaDiagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology2022
Brian GeisbrechtBiochemistry and Molecular Biophysics2022
Robert GoodbandAnimal Sciences and Industry2022
Eduard AkhunovPlant Pathology2021
David YetterMathematics2021
Christine AikensChemistry2020
Thomas BarstowKinesiology2020
Stefan BossmannChemistry2019 (Emeritus)
Keith GidoBiology2019
Kimberly KirkpatrickPsychological Sciences2019
C. Michael SmithEntomology2019
Uwe ThummPhysics2019
Mary Beth KirkhamAgronomy2018
David PooleKinesiology, and Anatomy and Physiology2018
James SherowHistory2018 (Emeritus)
Phillip KlebbaBiochemistry and Molecular Biophysics2017
Timothy MuschKinesiology and Anatomy and Physiology2017
Anil PahwaElectrical and Computer Engineering2017
Yan Soibelman
Kun Yan ZhuEntomology2017
Vara PrasadAgronomy2016
Bharat RatraPhysics2016
Wayne GoinsSchool of Music, Theatre, and Dance2015
Douglas McGregorMechanical and Nuclear Engineering2015
Sandra StithFamily Studies and Human Services2014
Bhadriraju SubramanyamGrain Science and Industry2014
Yolanda Broyles-GonzálezAmerican Ethnic Studies2013
James EdgarChemical Engineering2013
Stephen HiggsBiosecurity Research Institute2013
Ryszard JankowiakChemistry2013 (Emeritus)
Nancy Monteiro-RiviereAnatomy and Physiology2013 (Emeritus)
Philip NelEnglish2013
Jim RiviereAnatomy and Physiology2013 (Emeritus)
Mike TokachAnimal Sciences Industry2013
Christer AakeroyChemistry2012
Itzik Ben-ItzhakPhysics2012
Susan BrownBiology2012
Ruth WeltiBiology2012
Michael DrydenDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology2011 (Emeritus)
Brett EsryPhysics2011
John HatcliffComputing and Information Sciences2011
John LesliePlant Pathology2011
Xiuzhi (Susan) SunGrain Science and Industry2011
Elizabeth DoddEnglish2010
Anthony JoernBiology2010 (Emeritus)
Walter K. DoddsBiology2009
Charles W. RiceAgronomy2009
Edgar Chambers IVHuman Nutrition2008
T.G. NagarajaDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology2008
Juergen A. RichtRegents Distinguished Professor of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology2008
Philine WangemannAnatomy and Physiology2008 (Emeritus)
Dale HerspringPolitical Science2007 (Emeritus)
Duy HuaChemistry2007 (Emeritus)
Subbaratnam MuthukrishnanBiochemistry2007 (Emeritus)
John M. BlairBiology2006
Daniel MarcusAnatomy and Physiology2006 (Emeritus)
Richard A. MarstonGeography2006 (Emeritus)
Michael R. KanostBiochemistry2005
Harald E.L PrinsAnthropology2005 (Emeritus)
James ShanteauPsychology2005 (Emeritus)
David C. HartnettBiology2004 (Emeritus)
Yoshiro IkedaArt2004 (Deceased)
Ted SchroederAgricultural Economics2004
M.M. ChengappaDiagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology2003
Robert D. LinderHistory2003 (Deceased)
David A. SchmidtComputing and Information Sciences2003 (Emeritus)
S. Lillian KremerEnglish2002 (Deceased)
Thomas E. RocheBiochemistry2002 (Emeritus)
Barbara ValentPlant Pathology2002
Frank BlechaAnatomy and Physiology2001
David LittrellMusic2001 (Emeritus)
Talat RahmanPhysics2001 (Emeritus)
Larry TakemotoBiology2001 (Emeritus)
Dean ZollmanPhysics2001 (Emeritus)
Rob DenellBiology2000 (Deceased)
Christopher M. SorensenPhysics2000 (Emeritus)
Brian S. SpoonerBiology1999 (Deceased)
E. Wayne NafzigerEconomics1999 (Deceased)
C. Lewis CockePhysics1998 (Emeritus)
Gary W. ConradBiology1998 (Deceased)
Bikram S. GillPlant Pathology1997 (Emeritus)
Peter M.A. SherwoodChemistry1997 (Emeritus)
Before 1995
John J. IandoloPathology and Microbiology1994 (Emeritus)
James L. MarsdenRegents Distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences1994 (Emeritus)
Neville W. (Bill) ReayPhysics1993 (Emeritus)
Chii-Dong LinPhysics1990
Michael W. SuleimanPolitical Science1990 (Deceased)
William FateleyChemistry1989 (Deceased)
Norman J. FedderSpeech Communications, Theatre and Dance1989 (Emeritus)
Terry C. JohnsonBiology1989 (Deceased)
Jonathan HoldenEnglish1988 (Emeritus)
Kenneth KlabundeChemistry1988 (Deceased)
Patrick RichardCortelyou-Rust Distinguished Professor of Physics1988 (Emeritus)
Sadahiro SaekiMathematics1988 (Emeritus)
L.T. FanChemical Engineering1987 (Deceased)
David LeithRegents Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Pathology1987 (Emeritus)
Donald SetserChemistry1987 (Emeritus)
Richard ConsigliBiology1985 (Deceased)
Kenneth HoytEducation1984 (Deceased)
Ernest E. ShultRegents Distinguished Professor of Mathematics1974 (Deceased)
Dudley WilliamsRegents Distinguished Professor of Physics1964 (Deceased)


Honorary University Distinguished Professors

James R. CoffmanClinical Sciences2004 (Emeritus)
Timothy R. DonoghuePhysics2004 (Deceased)