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Honorary degrees

The honorary doctorate is given to people who must be deeply grounded in outstanding intellectual and professional achievement and significant and lasting contributions to society, consistent with academic endeavors of the University.  Nominations are to be submitted only by members of the Kansas State faculty and may originate from an individual, from an academic unit, or from the collaborative efforts of the faculties of two or more departments.  Nominations should be submitted to the Provost and Executive Vice President who chairs the review committee. Once the committee and department closest to the discipline in which the nominee is associated with have reviewed, the committee will forward the nomination and their recommendation to the University President who then forwards the recommendation to the Faculty Senate and the Kansas Board of Regents for approval.   Few people are chosen and the recipient must be present at commencement to receive the degree.  If you have any questions about honorary degrees please contact the Provost’s Office at (785) 532-6224. 


YearNameDegreeCommencement video
2023Grandin, TempleDoctor of Veterinary MedicineGrandin speech, May 12, 2023
2022Mellenthin, CherylDoctor of Veterinary MedicineMellenthin speech, May 13, 2022
2021Lookout, Herman MongrainDoctor of EducationLookout speech, Dec. 10, 2021
2019King, ChrisDoctor of PhilosophyKing speech, Dec. 13, 2019
2019Haymaker, JimDoctor of PhilosophyHaymaker speech, May 17, 2019
2018Glickman, DanielDoctor of PhilosophyGlickman speech, Dec. 7, 2018
2018Peterson, G.P. "Bud"Doctor of PhilosophyPeterson speech, May 11, 2018
2017Richardson, JamesDoctor of PhilosophyRichardson speech, Dec. 9, 2017
2017Richmond, Geraldine "Geri"Doctor of PhilosophyRichmond speech, May 12, 2017
2016Palmer, GuyDoctor of PhilosophyPalmer speech, May 13, 2016
2015Fitzwater, Marlin
Baker, Nancy Landon Kassebaum
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Fitzwater speech, Dec. 11, 2015
Baker speech, May 15, 2015
2014Freeman, Wayne
Hofmeister, John
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Freeman speech, Dec. 12, 2014
2013Staley, WarrenDoctor of PhilosophyStaley speech, May 17, 2013
2012Gates, RobertDoctor of PhilosophyGates speech, May 11, 2012
1988Eriksen, Conrad J. K.Doctor of Humane Letters 
1988Slaughter, JohnDoctor of Science 
1987Bevan, WilliamDoctor of Science 
1987Carlin, JohnDoctor of Laws 
1987Schroeder, AlfredDoctor of Humane Letters 
1986Agan, Anna TessieDoctor of Humane Letters 
1986Coleman, Edgar E.Doctor of Science 
1986Nadel, Norman S.Doctor of Fine Arts 
1986Paslay, LeRoy C.Doctor of Science 
1985Rogers, Richard D.Doctor of Humane Letters 
1985Wedel, Waldo R.Doctor of Letters 
1984Bowie, Walter C.Doctor of Science 
1984Jones, E. FayDoctor of Fine Arts 
1984Mandelbaum, ArthurDoctor of Science 
1984Schmidt, John W.Doctor of Science 
1983Bainer, Roy A.Doctor of Engineering 
1982Copland, AaronDoctor of Humane Letters 
1982Lown, Wilfred F. "Bill"Doctor of Humane Letters 
1982Wilson, Claude LeonardDoctor of Science 
1981Beck, GlennDoctor of Science 
1981Rhodes, JohnDoctor of Humane Letters 
1980Benson, Fred J.Doctor of Engineering 
1980Chalmers, JohnDoctor of Humane Letters 
1979Bennis, Warren G.Doctor of Humane Letters 
1979Fitch, James MarstonDoctor of Arts 
1975McCain, James AllenDoctor of Humane Letters 
1973Trotter, Virginia YappDoctor of Science 
1972Senti, Frederic RaymondDoctor of Science 
1970Lush, Jay L.Doctor of Science 
1970Parks, Gordon AlexanderDoctor of Letters 
1970Pritchard, William RoyDoctor of Science 
1969Johnson, Maurice D. S.Doctor of Laws 
1968Greep, Roy O.Doctor of Science 
1967Landon, Alfred M.Doctor of Laws 
1966Darby, HarryDoctor of Laws 
1966Eisenhower, Dwight DavidDoctor of Laws 
1964Beadle, George WellsDoctor of Science 
1963Carlson, FrankDoctor of Laws 
1963Eisenhower, Milton S.Doctor of Humane Letters 
1963Hall, Joyce C.Doctor of Laws 
1963Hendricks, Sterling BrownDoctor of Science 
1963Kimball, Solon T.Doctor of Science 
1963Rust, John HowardDoctor of Science 
1963Sebring, Harold L. "Tom"Doctor of Laws 
1963Vail, Gladys E.Doctor of Science 
1963Wilson, Murray A.Doctor of Science 
1962Menninger, Karl A.Doctor of Laws 
1962Menninger, William C.Doctor of Laws 
1962Shriver, Robert Sargent, Jr.Doctor of Laws 
1961Mangelsdorf, Paul ChristophDoctor of Laws 
1961Peltier, Eugene JosephDoctor of Laws 
1961Thackrey, Russell I.Doctor of Laws 
1960Dunlap, Jack WilburDoctor of Laws 
1960Greenewalt, Crawford HallockDoctor of Laws 
1956Hope, Clifford RagsdaleDoctor of Agriculture 
1955Seaton, Fred A.Doctor of Laws 
1949Baker, Marvel LeonDoctor of Science 
1949Blanks, Robert F.Doctor of Science 
1948Price, James FrancisDoctor of Laws 
1947Jones, Donald ForshaDoctor of Science 
1947Short, MacDoctor of Science 
1946Edwards, Martin ArthurDoctor of Science 
1946Harrison, FlorenceDoctor of Science 
1946Mohler, Jacob ChristianDoctor of Agriculture 
1944Edgerton, Glen EdgarDoctor of Engineering 
1944Houser, John SamuelDoctor of Science 
1943Parrott, Percival JohnDoctor of Science 
1942Secrest, Edmund RayDoctor of Science 
1942Waugh, Mary Alice VailMaster of Family Life 
1941Green, Roy MonroeDoctor of Science 
1938Bane, Juliet LitaDoctor of Science 
1938Dow, Ula MayDoctor of Science 
1938Enfield, William LesterDoctor of Engineering 
1938Fairchild, David GrandisonDoctor of Science 
1938Hagan, William ArthurDoctor of Science 
1938Jardine, William MarionDoctor of Laws 
1938Miller, Merritt FinleyDoctor of Science 
1937Rose, FloraDoctor of Science 
1937Sears, Fred ColemanDoctor of Science 
1935Freeman, Ernest HarrisonDoctor of Engineering 
1935Jardine, James TertiusDoctor of Science 
1935Wildin, George WashingtonDoctor of Engineering 
1934Hitchcock, Albert SpearDoctor of Science 
1934Mortensen, MartinDoctor of Laws 
1933Waugh, Frank AlbertDoctor of Science 
1932Hazlett, Robert H.Doctor of Laws 
1931Fox, PhillipDoctor of Science 
1931Kent, Harry LlewellynDoctor of Laws 
1931Sandzen, BirgerDoctor of Laws 
1930Sisson, Edward OctaviusDoctor of Science 
1928Mason, Silas CheeverDoctor of Science 
1927Bartholomew, ElamDoctor of Science 
1927Boss, AndrewDoctor of Science 
1927Knaus, WarrenDoctor of Science 
1925Calvin, HenriettaDoctor of Laws 
1925Jones, Nellie Sawyer KedzieDoctor of Laws 
1925Marlatt, Abby L.Doctor of Science 
1925Potter, Andrey A.Doctor of Engineering 
1923Kellerman, Karl FredericDoctor of Science 
1922Piper, Charles VancouverDoctor of Science 
1922Swingle, Walter TennysonDoctor of Science 
1921Marlatt, Charles LesterDoctor of Science 
1920Coe, Frank WinstonDoctor of Laws 
1920Harbord, James GuthrieDoctor of Laws 
1920Helmick, Eli AlvaDoctor of Laws 
1909Coburn, F. D.Doctor of Laws 
1909Fairchild, Edward T.Doctor of Laws 
1909Hill, JosephDoctor of Laws 
1909Nichols, Ernest R.Doctor of Philosophy 
1909Scott, Charles F.Doctor of Laws 
1909Strong, FrankDoctor of Laws 
1909Stubbs, Walter R.Doctor of Laws 
1909Williams, WalterDoctor of Laws 
1908Walters, J. D.Doctor of Arts 
1908Willard, Julius T.Doctor of Science 
1907Fairchild, Edward T.Master of Arts 
1904Rupp, AliceMaster of Arts 
1902Thompson, George F.Master of Science 
1898Bartholomew, ElamMaster of Science 
1897Olin, Oscar E.Master of Arts 
1883Walters, J. D.Master of Science 
1877Fraser, JohnDoctor of Laws 
1873Riley, C. V.Master of Arts 
1872Platt, J. E.Master of Arts 
1868Reynolds, Charles E., Rev.Doctor Of Divinity