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About K-State

2012 Education Achievements

* Kansas State University's Bilingual/Bicultural Education Students Interacting to Obtain Success, or BESITOS, scholarship program has been recognized as a 2012 Example of Excelencia finalist at the baccalaureate level. Examples of Excelencia is part of Excelencia in Education, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to accelerate Latino student success in higher education by applying knowledge to public policy and institutional practice. The university's program, offered through the College of Education, was chosen as the finalist among 150 schools that applied at the baccalaureate level. October 2012.

* Cecilia Hernandez, College of Education doctoral graduate, is the recipient of the Association of Teacher Educators 2013 Distinguished Dissertation Award. The title of her dissertation was "The Extent to which Latina/o Preservice Teachers Demonstrate Culturally Responsible Teaching Practices During Science and Mathematics Instruction." September 2012

* Sally Yahnke, associate professor of curriculum and instruction in the College of Education, recently received the Carl Perkins Outstanding Service Award from the Kansas Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Science. August 2012

* The GoTeacher program, a partnership between the Kansas State University, Ecuador's Ministry of Education and SENESCYT -- Ecuador's governing body of higher education -- brought more than 80 teachers to campus in June. K-State is the first institution in the nation to host a group for this program, which is funded by the government of Ecuador to improve English language proficiency among Ecuadorean teachers and increase their teaching effectiveness. June 2012

* Ethics and morals are award-winning priorities and practices at Kansas State University's College of Education, which has been honored with the 2012 Best Practice Award for Professional Ethics and Moral Dispositions in Teacher Education from The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. The honor recognizes excellence in a school, college or department of education for illustrative and purposeful attention to professional ethics and moral dispositions in teacher education. The college was selected because of its ability to provide clear coherence among vision, development and assessment of dispositions across the unit. March 2012

* A K-State online degree program is being rated as one of the best in the nation for students to master education technology. GetEducated.com, a website dedicated to comparing and rating online degree programs, has ranked the university's online master of science in curriculum and instruction-digital teaching and learning program in the top 10 for programs of its kind. The program exposes its students, who range from certified K-12 teachers to administrators with doctorates, to the technology available for enhancing education and course structure. Its focus is to equip them with the skills to effectively integrate that technology into their own curricula. March 2012


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