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2011 Education Achievements

* Robert Shoop, professor of education law, used his long and distinguished career in sexual harassment prevention in his first novel, "Compulsion." The suspense thriller is about the search for a serial child molester and possible murderer. Shoop, who also is the author of 19 textbooks, is one of the nation's leading forensic experts in school law, particularly sexual harassment, abuse prevention and risk management. November 2011

* K-State's Professional Development School Partnership received the 2011 Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement Award. Sponsored by the National Association of Professional Development Schools, the award is given to a university with true partnerships demonstrating excellent achievement for K-12 students, future teachers and practicing teachers and faculty members. The honor was presented at the association's recent annual conference in New Orleans, La. The partnership includes 20 schools in the Riley County, Manhattan-Ogden and Geary County school districts, with additional partnership schools in Topeka and Kansas City, Kan. The College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences have been involved with the program for 22 years. April 2011

* A long-term commitment to continuing education for educators and nontraditional students, especially in Kansas, earned Michael Holen, dean of College of Education, the University Professional and Continuing Education Association's 2011 Conferences and Professional Programs Community of Practice Faculty Service Award. The honor is presented to an individual who is not a member of an extension or continuing education department for outstanding contributions to conferences and professional programs or other continuing education endeavors. Holen was recognized for his support in the development of a variety of distance education programs in education to meet the needs of place-bound adult learners, particularly in rural areas of Kansas. April 2011

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