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Working With Industry Boot Camp Session 2

Making the Connection: I'm Invited to the Dance, But I Don't Have a Dance Partner (Part II)

The landscape of corporate giving across the country is shifting, with industry moving away from traditional corporate philanthropy to a focus on return on investment in their relationship with universities. Institutions that wish to sustain strong industry partnerships are finding they must listen more closely to the needs of their corporate partners. This “nuts and bolts” session is a continuation of the previous session, with concentration on promoting yourself and your research. You will also learn about the resources available on campus and who to contact for help.

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Speaker materials, handouts, etc. 

Division of Communications & Marketing Slides (pdf)

Director of Economic Development - Rebecca Robinson Slides (pdf)

Director of Corporate Engagement - Richard Potter Slides (pdf)

Director of Licensing at KSU Institute for Commercialization - Ken Williams Slides (pdf)

Additional Resources 

Kansas State University Corporate Funding Work Flow: Sponsored Project, Corporate Philanthropy, or Fee for Service? (pdf)

Differentiating Sponsored Projects from Fee for Service Activities and Gifts (pdf)