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Working With Industry Boot Camp Session 1

Making the Connection: I'm Invited to the Dance, But I Don't Have a Dance Partner (Part I)

The landscape of corporate giving across the country is shifting. Industry is moving away from traditional corporate philanthropy and sharpening its focus on return on investment. Institutions that wish to sustain strong industry partnerships must invite and listen more closely to the needs of their corporate partners. This session will help you understand how to initiate interactions with corporations and demonstrate to potential industry partners that K-State and its faculty members value industry relationships and understand how to maximize the effectiveness of corporate partnerships.

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Speaker materials, handouts, etc.

UIDP Executive Director - Tony Boccanfuso Slides (pdf)

Diagnostic Virology Director - Dick Hesse Slides (pdf)

Grain Science and Industry Professor - Dirk Maier Slides (pdf)

Center for Sustainable Energy Director - Mary Rezac Slides (pdf)

Additional Resources

UIDP Perspectives - Why Work Together (pdf)

UIDP Researcher Guidebook (pdf)